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Cemetary Epitaphs: T-V

"T-V" Surnames


In memory of Mrs. Susanna (Smith) Talimadge, Consort of the Rev. Benjamin Tailmadge, who dep’t This life April 21, 1768 In the 38th year of her age. (b.1730)


In memory of The Reverend Benjamin Talmadge Who departed this life Feb. 5, 1788 In the 63rd year of his age (b.1723) Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord





Julia A. 1865-1939 (AE 74)


Edmond L. 1865-1955 (AE 90)


In memory of Phebe Terrell Who died Aug. 28, 1854 In her 77th year (b.1777)


In memory of Elias Terrell Who died Nov. 2, 1854 In his 79th year (b.1775)


George Terrell Jan. 19, 1832 Oct. 4, 1906 (AE 74)


Bathsheba His wife Dec. 31, 1833 Nov. l2, 1904 (AE 71)


Charles W. (Son of George and Bathsheba Terrell) Died Jan. 9, 1853 AE 2 months


George C. Terrell 1891-1942 (AE 51)



In memory of John Terry Who departed this life June 22, 1812 AE 21 years, 8 mos, 6 days (b. 1791)


[Nancy Terry Daughter of Brewster & Elizabeth Terry who departed this life May 11, 1812 In the 30th year of her age.] (b.1792)



Here lieth the body of Mr. Samuel Thompson Born March 4, 1668 Died July 14, 1749 (AE 81) Son of Mr. John Thompson who came with Richard Floyd and Col. Richard Woodhull with 55 others, who were the founders of this place in the year l655/6


(S. Thompson’s old brown stone is located behind this one)


Here lieth the body of Hannah Brewster Wife of Mr. Samuel Thompson And Daughter of Sarah Ludlow and Rev. Nathaniel Brewster first minister of this place. Born May 19, 1679 Died Nov. 17, 1755 (AE 76)



Melissa A. Thurber Born Sept. 14, 1843 Died Dec. 20, 1898 (AE 55) Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep From which none ever wakes to weep



In memory of Joseph Tooker Who died Nov. 13, 1843 In the 84 year of his age. (b. 1759) Labor not for the meat which perisheth, but for that meat which endureth unto everlasting life


Mary Relict of William Tooker Died Jan. 11, 1827 AE 77 years (b. 1750) There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God


[1940 – footstone marked W. T. name, age and date crumbled]


In memory of Elizabeth Tooker Who departed this life Dec. 24, 1815 (AE 73 years, 2 mos., 27 days) (b.1742)


Ruth Tooker Wife of Charles Tooker Who died April 28, 1817 AE 70 years (b.1777)


In memory of Althea Late consort of Elder Daniel Tooker Who died Nov. 17, 1845 In the 78th year of her age. (b. 1767)


In memory of Daniel Tooker Elder in the Presbyterian Church ….. Died July 14, 1841 (AE 76 years, 9 mos, 6 days) (b. 1765)


Daniel Tooker, Jr. Died April 7, 1848 AE 58 years (b.1790)


[Jonas Son of Daniel & Althea Tooker, who died May 20, 1823 AE 23 years] (b.1800)


Julia Ann Wife of Daniel Tooker, Jr. Died May 16, 1836 AE 43 years (b. 1794)


In memory of Joseph Tooker Who died April l2, 1833 In the 70th year of his age. (b.1763)


Our Father Nathaniel Tooker Born Aug. 31, 1764 Died Sept. 28, 1839 (AE 73)


Our Mother Miriam Tooker Born Sept. 20, 1785 Died Feb. 28, 1872 (AE 87)


In memory of Nathaniel Tooker Died Aug. 17, 18__ Aged 47 years, 8 mos, 11 daysTemperance Tooker Died April 7, 1842 AE 29 years, 10 mos, 25 days (b. 1813) Dear Mother rest in peace


In memory of Timothy Tooker Who departed this life March 22, 1801 In the 82nd year of his life. (b.1719)


Field stone simply marked T.T. 1762


Margaret Wife of Capt. Alonzo L. Tuthill and daughter of Thomas & Polly Floyd Died Feb. 1857 AE 21 years (b. 1836)



Samantha Daughter of William & Mary Ann Tyler Died Aug. 4, 1828 AE 6 mos, 21 days In memory of Irena Wife of Benjamin


Tyler Who died Sept. 22, 1782 In the 38th year of her age. (b.1744)


In memory of Benjamin Tyler, Sen. Died June 20, 1810 Aged 70 years (b.1730)


Emma J. (Wells) Wife of Beverly S. Tyler Dec’d. Nov. 28, 1882 AE 24 years, 5 days (b.1858)



John M. Vail Died Oct. 21, 1830 AE 5 mos, 11 days [Son of Harvey & Eliz. Vail) Unfathomed are thy designs Victorious love, How uncontrolled thy power To take our first born son A babe so much adour ‘d (sic) Thou hast said of such is thy Kingdom, we bless thy name


Elizabeth [Wife of Harvey W. Vail Daughter of John & Dorothy Mount who died Dec. 14, 1830 AE 23 years, 4 mos.] (b. 1807)



In memory of James Son of Jacob & Phebe Van Brunt who died June 9, 1793 Aged 19 years (b.1774)


In memory of Phebe Wife of Jacob Van Brunt Who died April 9, 1799 Aged 47 years


[dau. of Richard & Phebe Woodhull] (b.1752)


In memory of Jacob Van Brunt Who died July 27, 1813 In the 66th year of his age. (b. 1773)


In memory of John Van Brunt Who died Sept. 16, 1814 Aged 40 years, 10 months (b. 1774)


Mrs. Jerusha Wife of John Van Brunt Died Dec. 13, 1851 Aged (70) years (b. 1781)


James Van Brunt Who died Nov. 20, 1873 AE 75 years, 10 days (b.1798)


William Van Brunt 1837-1913 (AE 76)


Ruth (Bayles) Wife of James Van Brunt Who died Aug. 23. 1872 AE 63 years, 9 mos. (b.1809)


Children of James & Ruth Van Brunt:


(James R. Died July 29, 1843 AE 1 year, 1 mo, 13 days]


(Mary R. Died Dec. 30, 1865 AE 21 years, 4 mos.] (b. 1844)


[Albert W. Died Jan. 2, 1857 AE 8 years) (b.1849)


[John V. D. Van Brunt Who died April 9, 1842 In the 36th year of his age] (b.1806)


[Caroline Wife of John V.D. Van Brunt Who died Jan. 24, 1874 AE 70 years) (b.1804)


[Charles T. Van Brunt Died Oct. 28, 1845 AE 4 years Son of John & Caroline] (b.1841)



[Charlotte Wife of Jacob Vanderbilt Died Jan. 4, 1861 AE 24 years, 2 mos, 22 days] (b.1837)



Benjamin Van Horne Vingut Born Dec. 23, 1879 Died Dec. 20, 1956 (AE 77)





Sarah Augusta Floyd Wife of George T. Vingut Born July 28, 1845 Died Aug. 20, 1887 (AE 45)




Henry Kermit Vingut Born March l2, 1871 Died May 10, 1928 (AE 56)




George Floyd Vingut Born March 10, 1868 Died May 3, 1928 (AE 60)

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