April 23rd, 2020 Daily Devotional

For today's devotion, I want to share another reflection from the book

Seven Sacred Pauses by Macrina Wiedekehr, who offers prayers and

meditations for the hours of the day, a devotional practice often followed by

monastic communities. Midday, when I'm posting, is what she calls the

"Hour of Illumination." And she says this:

"This is the luminous hour. Everything is illumined by the brightness of the

sun. There are few shadows. The intensity of the sun's shining is an

excellent symbol for the enthusiasm I would like to bring to my work at this

hour. The great shining touches growth seeds at the core of my being. The

God of fire feeds my energy. Aware of the innate goodness of my life, an

ardent desire to love and serve others is rekindled. I invite truth,

authenticity, peace, and commitment to sit at my table. I long for the

Beatitudes of Jesus to become my rule of life. Just as Jesus embraced the

cross at this hour, I recommit myself to give my life away. I want to follow

the example of Jesus in servant leadership. If I am to be a prophet of peace

in a violent world, then I must practice living with a nonviolent heart. I must

become peace."

I'm grateful for her focus on energy, and the rekindling of energy. So many

people, myself included, are noting how this time of physical distancing

seems to sap our energy in different and unexpected ways. I'm praying

today, then, for the God of fire to feed our energy in whatever way we each


Let's pray these words from the same book:

"Beautiful reflection of divine light, shine on me at this noonday hour.

Rejuvenate and invigorate me. Renew my commitment to the tasks of this

day. Leave me to my courage. Warm what has grown cold in me. Energize

all that has become lethargic. Enliven my growing moments. In the middle

of this day help me to stand before my life with an open heart. In

communion with all who have gone before me, I pray. Amen."

Pastor Kate

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