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April 24th, 2020 Daily Devotional

A few nights ago, I tuned into the Hope House 40th Anniversary Mass.

This celebration was live streamed from the chapel at The Friary - not how

they would have imagined such a celebration. Yet, in the midst of these

current times they, like so many, are continuing to provide light, hope, and

recovery in the midst of darkness. It got me thinking about all the folks I

love who are living in recovery and those who are still battling the disease

of addiction.

In my time as a Chaplain at a drug and alcohol treatment center, I often

used songs and art to open up conversation in group settings. One of my

go to songs was Travelin' Light by Dierks Bentley and Brandi Carlile. This

was in Nashville after all, so it had to be a country song! I wanted to share

that one with you today. One of the most common conversations I had as a

Chaplain was around forgiveness, especially when individuals were

struggling to forgive themselves. We put on this song more than once in

my office. Here are some of the lyrics...

Don't lay the blame on anyone else

I'm always last to forgive myself

Well starting over is overdue

And these old boots sure feel brand new

I'm travelling light

I'm laying it down

All those demons I know I keep dragging round

I'm cutting the ties

I'm dropping the weight

With all my hurt and my regrets and my mistakes

I'm tired of living oh unforgiven

So I'm travelling light

On one particular day one of the women said,

"I love that 'traveling light' means a few different things. Y'know, it means

that I need to let down some of the stuff I've done wrong, it means I need to

travel with less guilt and shame, it means I have to travel through the

world with God's light, and that I need to remember that there is a light

inside me, because I think it's still in there."

It was definitely still there. It shone bright.

Friends, I am grateful for the light that shines in each of you, the light that

you carry to others, and the defiant hope that each of us are living out in

these days. Will you join me in prayer?

Let's pray...

God of light, light of the world, we give you thanks for faith, hope, and

love. We pray in particular today for our siblings struggling with addiction.

May they be led to the path of recovery, the path that offers freedom. We

give you thanks for the treatment centers, online meetings, and many ways

that support is still being provided in the recovery community. Help us to

see the divine light in all our siblings and to shine your light forth. May we

travel light, travel in the light, and journey on with you. In the name of our

Risen Lord, Amen.

Pastor Ashley

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