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April 6th, 2020 Daily Devotional

On this Monday of Holy Week the questions at the heart of our devotional are, “What does God look like?” and “Would we recognize God if we saw God?” Grace H. Park says this, “We have to confront the possibility that God has appeared into our life in ways we did not expect, or perhaps did not see. Our eyes and hearts must always be open to the possibility of what we can do for someone else.” I would add “and what we can receive from someone else.” Friends, where are you seeing God in these days? What does God look like today? Please pray with me this prayer from the Corrymeela community... God of Lazarus and God of Judas, your great love raises the dead and condemns what is wrong in this life. As we enter this holy, difficult week, we know we will experience pain and brokenness, and hypocrisy; but also beauty, and mercy and undying love. Your death made clear what must come to an end: our fear, our waste, our selfishness. Yet we rejoice that in this dying lies our rebirth and that you will bring the world, and the grace-filled good in us, back to life. Amen.

**I took this photo on Iona on the Monday of Holy Week in 2013. Peace be with you, friends.

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