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April 7th, 2020 Daily Devotional

For our devotions this morning, I want to share a poem from Ann Weems, whose book of poems, Kneeling in Jerusalem, is one that I return to every Lent and Holy Week.

"The Way to Jerusalem is Cluttered"

by Ann Weems

The way to Jerusalem

is cluttered

with bits and pieces of our lives

that fly up and cry out,

wounding us as we try

to keep upon this path

that leads to Life.

Why didn’t somebody tell us

that it would be so hard?

In the midst of the clutter,

the children laugh

and run after stars.

Those of us who are wise

will follow,

for the children will be the first

to kneel in Jerusalem.

When Ann Weems talks about running after stars, I thought immediately of the beautiful moon we've had the past few nights. Have you had a chance to see it? Let's pray: God, the splendor of your creation reminds us that even in the midst of our cluttered and wounded lives, you are steadfast and eternal. Guide us through the hard path of this week, and of these many weeks--ever mindful that you are always leading us to Life. Amen.

Pastor Kate

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