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August 1, 2020 Daily Devotional:

In Psalm 71, the writer acknowledges the protection of God "from the day I was born,"

"since I was young," and "all the day long"--and then prays for God's continued

protection "when I am old and my hair turns gray."

Tomorrow in worship, we will celebrate a baptism, and we'll sing these words: "I was

there to hear your borning cry; I'll be there when you are old."

God is with us in every time of life, from our first breath to our last. "I will praise you,

God, the Holy One of Israel. You are faithful!"

Psalm 71 (vv. 1-6, 17-19, 22, Contemporary English Version)

I run to you, Lord,

for protection.

Don’t disappoint me.

2 You do what is right,

so come to my rescue.

Listen to my prayer

and keep me safe.

3 Be my mighty rock,

the place

where I can always run

for protection.

Save me by your command!

You are my mighty rock

and my fortress.

4 Come and save me, Lord God,

from vicious and cruel

and brutal enemies!

5 I depend on you,

and I have trusted you

since I was young.

6 I have relied on you

from the day I was born.

You brought me safely

through birth,

and I always praise you.

17 You have taught me

since I was a child,

and I never stop telling about

your marvelous deeds.

18 Don’t leave me when I am old

and my hair turns gray.

Let me tell future generations

about your mighty power.

19 Your deeds of kindness

are known in the heavens.

No one is like you!

22 I will praise you, God,

the Holy One of Israel.

You are faithful.

I will play the harp

and sing your praises.

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