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Call to Action on the Brookhaven Landfill

The Brookhaven Landfill Action and Remediation Group is a coalition that has come together to support a sustainable and just solution to the town's waste crisis. They have issued the following call to action.

"Long Island has a garbage crisis. The current policy is to burn a large portion of household waste at the Covanta incinerator in Hempstead, located in a majority Black, Latinx, working-class community; and then send that ash to the Brookhaven Landfill located in North Bellport, also a majority Black, Latinx, Indigenous and working-class community.

After years of promising that the Brookhaven Landfill would close in 2024, and in the face of persistent community complaints about the odors, potential toxicity, blight, and environmental risk of the Landfill, this past August, the Brookhaven Town Council submitted a plan to build a new ashfill adjacent to the existing Landfill site.

We insist that where the Landfill is concerned, Close Means Close! & Enough is Enough!"

This link details the various ways we can reach out to town representatives to take action:

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