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December 10, 2020 Advent Devotional

Scripture Reading: JUDE 17-22

Whenever there is a “but” in Scripture, pay special attention. The “but” represents a pivot that points to how disciples of Jesus Christ are to behave in the midst of challenging times. Here we read that Christians are to keep ourselves in the love of God as we wait for our Lord’s mercy. What might it look like to keep ourselves in God’s love today? This week? This month?

Prayer: God of grace, while the headlines tell of turmoil and acrimony, we who follow Jesus Christ are told by your living word to keep ourselves in your love, to wait for our Lord’s mercy and to be merciful to others. We know that your love is not theoretical but embodied and tangible. The mercy of Jesus Christ saves and transforms, perhaps especially during times of trial and pain. Make us instruments of this love and mercy, even now, especially now. Amen.

- Jill Duffield © 2020 Presbyterian Outlook

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