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December 11, 2020 Advent Devotional

Scripture Reading: LUKE 2:36-38

What do we do when we are waiting for something promised by God, but not yet visible or evident? Perhaps we are waiting for healing in a broken relationship or waiting to be able to forgive or be forgiven? Today we are told of Anna who waits for the redemption of Jerusalem and while she waits, she worships, fasts and prays. Is there a spiritual practice you might try that could keep you connected to God as you wait?

Prayer: Lord, we want to see your promises come to fruition: promises of peace, justice and redemption. We do not want to grow weary or cynical, hopeless or defeated. We long for our priorities to reflect your character and our faith, even when we cannot yet see that for which we yearn. Ground us in prayer, find us in worship, be present with us as we fast and focus on you as we wait. Amen.

- Jill Duffield © 2020 Presbyterian Outlook

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