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December 17, 2020 Advent Devotional

Scripture Reading: HABAKKUK 1:1-5

The writer of Habakkuk calls God to account, wanting to know why God does not set things right, bring justice and vindicate the righteous. God answers in verse 5: Look and see; wonder and be astounded. God is at work in ways that human beings would not believe even if told directly. Can you relate to Habakkuk’s frustration? Where is God telling you to look and see, wonder and be astounded at what God is doing right now?

Prayer: Loving God, you hear our cries of frustration, our pleas for your intervention and tell us to look and see, wonder and be astounded at the work you are doing in the world. When we are unable to see your providence and power, remind us yet again to wonder, to have holy curiosity, to remember that the kingdom is near, and Jesus is surely coming. Amen.

- Jill Duffield © 2020 Presbyterian Outlook

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