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December 19, 2020 Advent Devotional

Scripture Reading: ISAIAH 9:1-2

Deep darkness resonates this year. The word in Hebrew can be translated as “shadow” or “death-shadow.” The people in this passage know the reality of fear and suffering — a nearness to death and vulnerability that feels familiar right now. As you navigate the waning days of a difficult season, where do you see God’s light breaking into the deep darkness?

Prayer: God of the light no darkness can overcome, we confess to being weary, tired of worries that keep us up at night and ready for your promised rest. When we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, grant us the peace that passes understanding and the ability to see even a pinprick of your light that shows us a way forward. Amen.

- Jill Duffield © 2020 Presbyterian Outlook

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