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June 15th, 2020 Daily Devotional

Today, has turned out to be a historic day for the LGBTQ+ community in the

US. While there is much, much, work to be done for justice in our country

and world - this a moment when mourning has been turned into dancing!

(Psalm 30:11)

I encourage you to take some time today to listen to this interpretation of

Psalm 30.


You have turned my sorrow to dancing and song

You’ve taken my sackcloth and clothed me with joy

So my soul may praise you, be silent no more,

My Lord and my God I’ll give thanks evermore!

I will praise you, O God, for you’ve lifted me up

My foes did not triumph when I called you for help

You have healed me and lifted my soul from the pit

Restored me to life, I’m contented and blessed

Sing praise to the Lord, O you faithful in heart

Give thanks to the Almighty, Creator of earth

God’s anger will last but a moment in time

I weep through the night but the morning brings light

As for me, I said in my prosperity,

“I’m strong as a mountain, they will never move me”

But you hid your face, Lord, and I was dismayed,

“O hear me,” I cried, “and be gracious I pray”

And if I am silent, then what will be gained?

The dust will not praise you, it will not proclaim

But show me your love and your faithfulness

Be merciful to me, O Lord, be my help

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