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March 25th, 2020 Daily Devotional

Friends, I want to offer a hymn to go with our devotional reading this morning. This hymn, by Bernadette Farrell, is based on the Scripture passage for today: Psalm 139. This Psalm reminds us who we are and who we belong to. There is nowhere we can go, no difficult day we can walk through when God is not all around us. Please use this song as a moment to take a deep breath this morning. Breathing in God’s goodness and love for each of you. Even you have listened to the hymn, we will pray together using the words from our devotional... “Welcoming God, who knows our comings and goings, you assure us that we belong to you. Help us to be generous with that spirit of gracious attention, that we might welcome all your people. Amen.”-Pastor Ashley

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