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May 4th 2020, Daily Devotional

May 4th, 2020 Daily Devotional:

In between this morning’s Zoom meetings, my office has been an outdoor

one this morning. Dante, one of our dogs, has been doing his best to catch

flying bugs, there’s a lovely breeze, the birds are singing, and the warmth

of the sun is delightful.

During a recent session meeting, someone commented on how talking

daily walks and seeing the flowers budding can feel like a juxtaposition with

all the grief and difficulty the world is facing. It’s true...and yet it’s all true.

The new life is real and the grief is real.

As I have been sitting out here this morning I have been thinking about

Rachel Held Evans and I’ve been craving her words in this time. If you

haven’t read any of Rachel’s work, I encourage you to look her up -

“Searching for Sunday” is a favourite of mine. On this day one year ago,

Rachel passed away in a Nashville hospital room, surrounded by friends and family. Rachel was 37.

In her life and writing, Rachel called

the church to be a more authentic

expression of Christ’s body. She

called us to listen to one another

and to widen the circle. In this time

I am drawn to these words from

Searching for Sunday...

“...if the world is watching, we might

as well tell the truth. And the truth

is, the church doesn’t offer a cure.

It doesn’t offer a quick fix. The

church offers death and

resurrection. The church offers the

messy, inconvenient, gutwrenching, never-ending work of

healing and reconciliation. The

church offers grace. Anything else

we try to peddle is snake oil. It’s not

the real thing.”

Friends, may that amazing grace

sink into your heart, mind, and soul

today. Peace.

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