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Food Drive

Saturdays & Sundays between 10am-12pm

Donations can be dropped directly at Grace Presbyterian Church or at SPC after Sunday worship

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Save the Date!

Long Island Guitar Festival

April 26th - April 30th

More information can be found by clicking here.

Volley for Mission

HOW IT WORKS: Setauket Presbyterian Church team challenges other community organizations and once we get a positive response the fun begins! We pick a date for the challenge, hold a couple of practices, decide whom we are playing for (mission of choice), pick a name for the team and/or a color (if we want one). We play five games and the team that wins gets to distribute 60% of the total monies collected. The other teams split 40% to their choice. All ages are welcome to play and the more the merrier (rotation basis). Participants pay $20 - $25 to play and spectators pay $10 or by donation. This can be adjusted to whatever sliding scale we like. This is a great way to share in fellowship and bring awareness to a mission!!


THE GOAL: To have an annual Volleyball game where people can gather together for a purpose regarding social justice and to raise money for mission.

CONTACT: Please email if interested!

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