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Food Drive

Saturdays & Sundays between 10am-12pm

Donations can be dropped directly at Grace Presbyterian Church or at SPC after Sunday worship

Garden Vegetables Collection

Vegetables are being picked up for Port Jefferson Presbyterian Church Food Bank. Please have crops in the brown storage box by the garden for a 3pm pick-up by Thursday of each week.

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Volley for Mission

HOW IT WORKS: Setauket Presbyterian Church team challenges other community organizations and once we get a positive response the fun begins! We pick a date for the challenge, hold a couple of practices, decide whom we are playing for (mission of choice), pick a name for the team and/or a color (if we want one). We play five games and the team that wins gets to distribute 60% of the total monies collected. The other teams split 40% to their choice. All ages are welcome to play and the more the merrier (rotation basis). Participants pay $20 - $25 to play and spectators pay $10 or by donation. This can be adjusted to whatever sliding scale we like. This is a great way to share in fellowship and bring awareness to a mission!!


THE GOAL: To have an annual Volleyball game where people can gather together for a purpose regarding social justice and to raise money for mission.

CONTACT: Please email setauketpresbyterian@verizon.net if interested!